Meet Meckenzy, our CEO

Hi! My name is Meckenzy Funk! This is my husband Parker, and our two year old son. We live in San Antonio Texas where my husband is attending medical school.

I was raised by a mother who made home cooked breakfast and dinner everyday. She wanted to make sure we got all the nutrients we needed to grow and develope into strong adults.

I have tried to feed my growing family the same way my mother did. It has proven to sometimes be difficult with the busy lives we live and a picky 2 year old. I have looked for nutritional drinks formulated for children and have come up empty handed. Everything I find contains ingredients I don’t want to feed to my child or that I would feed to him sparingly at best. So I decided to create my own. 

I asked my husband and siblings for their help and input. Through lots of thought, research, and reformulation, PowKids was born. 

Raising POW-erful Kids

We have created PowKids specifically for children. It can be used to supplement their daily diet to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need. Our goal is for our products to taste like chocolate milk or juice, but actually be good for your children’s health. PowKids has been formulated by a chemist and dietician to help kids get the nutrients they need for their growing bodies, according to their age. It’s been tested by kids and they LOVE it!